Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garden Design

Garden. A space of tranquility part of the home. A well inspired owner or a landscape designer can complete the exceptional home design with the garden. Apart of green, other materials can be used - like stone, water, fire, light. Imagination is the limit. A few images below.

Garden - A Corner Of
Well Designed Garden

Garden - View of a Corner

Access Way with Garden on Sides

Garden - Exceptional Arrangement
French Garden?

Garden View

Garden Overview

Front of a House Garden

Garden Design - A View

Partial View of a Garden

Garden Design - Green, Stone, Fire, Water

Green Space in Front of a Contemporary Home Design

Refined Design of a Garden

Wooden Construction in a Garden Place

Garden - Remarcable Design Achievement

Garden Gate

Wine Cellars - A few Ideas

Wine cellars - attribute of the refined homes wine cellars can complete the list of amenities a distinguished residence must have. A few images of the cellars below. Take the good ideas for your own cellar.

Wine Cellar -  Fine Furniture

Wine Cellar - Made of Bricks

Wine Cellar - Interesting Idea

Wine Cellar - A View Of

A Well Designed Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar - In Vino Veritas

The Way Toward the Wine Cellar

Magnificent Entrance to the Wine Cellar

Contemporary Interpretation of a Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar - A View Of

Old Style Wine Cellar - Partial View

Magnificent Wine Cellar - Strip Flooring with Barrel Inscriptions

A View to a Under the Floor Cellar

Doors - A Form of Art

Doors can be an art expression. The form, the details, the passion put into the work itself makes them objects of remarkable beauty. The second article on doors today.

Wooden Door

Inlaid Door

Magnificent Door and its Surroundings

Handcarved Door

Interior Door with Beautiful Frame

Exterior Door, The Interior Side

A Wooden Door - With A History

Two Wooden Doors - Unsual Function

Wooden Door Metal Work Detail

Wooden Door Made of Oak and Carved Stone Frame

A Door and the Piece of Nature Behind It

Rolling Wooden Door

Doors - The Fascination Of

Doors - As an object with a precise and simple use a door can be transformed into a real masterpiece that leaves a powerful impression on everybody passing through. A collection of door images, wooden doors that retained my attention.

Handcarved Wooden Door

Old Wooden Door

Morocco Door

African Door

Old Wooden and Metal Door

Old Wooden Door and its Carved Stone Frame

Exceptional Door - Wood and Metal Combined

Oak Door Detail - The Knob

Carved Wooden Door -Germany

Door - A Form of Art

Interior Carved Door

French Wooden Door

A Bahreini Door

Door - Combination of Wood, Metal and Stone

Wooden Door - A Masterpiece